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Welcome to Fans of Mediocrity.  This site is dedicated to the athlete who never had what it took to become a real superstar, the sort of guy you think about once every three or four months only to laugh at his  futile attempt to ever do anything significant. Then when your buddy brings him up you laugh to yourself having forgotten that said player ever existed. Our goal here at Fans of Mediocrity is to honor all the careers (whether short lived or  painfully long) of players who were really really good backup quarterbacks and starting pitchers such as Gus Frerotte or Jamie Moyer, draft busts such as Ryan Leaf and Rick Mirer, and the timeless wonders such as Vinny Testaverde and Steve DeBerg.

You will read about athletes from all the major sports.  Look forward to exciting posts and pictures of Steve Trachsel, Bernie Kosar, Jeff George, Paul Pressey, Jeff Ruland, Esteban Yan, and many more!

The site will be run by me (Blake) and Alex.  We both live in Connecticut and we both get a chuckle when debating the Hall of Fame candidacy of Drew Bledsoe.

If there is an athlete you would love to see covered here, just leave the suggestion as a comment and we’ll get right on it.  Enjoy!


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