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May 20 Birthdays

Happy Birthday, Buster!!

It’s a been a while since we’ve done this…here are your mediocre athlete’s born on May 20th:

  • Austin Kearns (MLB):  A .258 career hitter with just over 100 career home runs.
  • Todd Stottlemyre (MLB):  Stuck around for 14 big league seasons and finished with an ERA+ of  100.  He’s 45 today.
  • Ruben Boumtje-Boumtje (NBA):  One of the greater names in NBA history, Ruben is a seven-footer from Cameroon with 43 points in 44 career games.  Brutal.
  • Hal Newhouser (MLB):  Newhouser was not mediocre, winning back-to-back MVPs with the Detroit Tigers in the 1940s.  Dude’s a Hall of Famer and an absolute stud.
  • Sadaharu Oh (Japanese Baseball):  Not only is the guy mentioned in a Beastie Boys lyric, he has 868 career home runs and once had 55 in a single season, both records in Japan.  He is turning 70.
  • Joe Cocker (musician):  Cocker turns 66 today.  He’s mediocre as a music-man.
  • Cher (musiciain):  Ughhhh.
  • Bronson Pinchot (actor):  He played Balki Bartokmous on the 1980s sitcom, Perfect Strangers.  Not sure what he’s up to today.
  • Bustah Rhymes (rapper):  Mr. Buster Rhymes is 38 years young.

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February 8 Birthdays

Marcus Pollard Caught a lot of TDs from Peyton Manning

Welcome to just another feature of this amazing website.  Everyday we will post the birthdays of some memorable (and not so memorable) athlethes.  Enjoy today’s list:

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