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We’re Back!

Seriously, look how old Jamie Moyer is!!

Fans of Mediocrity is making a comeback!  Just like the mediocre comebacks of Randy Moss, Ricky Williams, and Michael’s Jordan’s Wizard days, we aspire to (at the very best) pick up where we left off.  We’ll probably be a step slower, but what we lost in footspeed and hops, we will make up for in guts and guile.  Thanks for caring and we are excited to be back.


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What form!!

Tim Wakefield is about to start his 18th big league season as a pitcher.  That’s damn impressive.  However, these knuckleball types tend to stick around for a LOOONNNGGG time and it’s possible that Tim has a few decent innings left in the rubber arm of his.

That begs the questions:  Who is your favorite knuckleballer?  Wakefield has been one of the best in the business for the last decade.  Before him, Phil and Joe Neikro were pretty good in their own right and Charlie Hough was no slouch either.  The darkhorse in this race is Jose Canseco.  Canseco threw for the Rangers in 1993 and ruined his arm, requiring surgery.  While Canseco sucked, he provided us with some decent comedy with the knuckleball.

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