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Stephen Douglas Kerr is the most accurate three point shooter in NBA history.  In that way he is not mediocre.  However, the fact that he brought very little else to the table is what makes him mediocre.

Steve Kerr was born in  Beirut, Lebanon of all places.  Are you with me in thinking that Steve doesn’t look middle eastern at all?  Here’s why:  His father, Malcolm, was an academic sort who specialized in the Middle East.    Steve split his high school time between sunny California and the even sunnier Cairo, Egypt.  Upon graduating from high school, Steve accepted a basketball scholarship to the University of Arizona.  In 1984, when Steve was just an 18 year old freshman, his father was assassinated in in Beirut by supposed nationalists in Lebanon.  Yikes.

Steve continued his play at Arizona and started at the point there for three plus seasons even though he was commonly referred to as being “two steps too slow”.  During Steve’s senior season he teamed with Sean Elliott (mediocre) and Kenny Lofton (Big Dog) to lead the Wildcats to the Final Four.  In that senior season, Kerr hit 57% of his three point attempts, an NCAA record to this day.

Kerr was drafted by Phoenix and traded to the Cavs for a second round pick.  Kerr would spend his first three seasons with the Cavs and forming a white out in the backcourt with the immortal Craig Ehlo.  Steve was traded in the middle of the 1992 season to the Magic before signing a free agent deal with the Chicago Bulls prior to the 1993 season.  It was in that 1993-94 season (without Michael Jordan) that Kerr set his career high for scoring when he dropped in a respectable 8.6 points per game.  During his first four seasons with the Bulls, Kerr was phenomenally consistent.  In those four years he scoring average ranged from 8.1-8.6 a game while playing between 22-24 minutes a game.  He had finally found his role.

Kerr won four Champions in a row, three with the Bulls and one with the Spurs.  He was a member of the legendary 72-10 Bulls team in 1995-96.  Kerr wrapped up his career with 5 rings (3 with chicago, 2 with San Antonio) and was the winner of the 3pt shoot out at the 1997 All Star Game.  Many three point shooters are classified as “gunners”, not Steve Kerr.  Kerr knew where to be and when to be there.  He was a calculated marksman.

Kerr would go on to be the General Manager of the Phoenix Suns, where he did a pretty mediocre job before returning to the sidelines to call NBA games where he is one of the best in the business.  I am pretty confident that Steve Kerr, right now at the age of 46 could step onto the court of an NBA game and knock down a big-time three pointer if he had to.


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